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Larry Elmore Profile from Dragon Magazine 107 March 1986

 Here is the text of the Larry Elmore's profile from Dragon Magazine 107. The gruff, bearded, hardened ex-con vowed to change his life when he was released from the Kentucky chain gang. "Ah have paid mah debt to society," said Cool Hand Larry, "and now ah want to devote mahself to mah art." His murder conviction was recently overturned by the Kentucky Supreme Court, Larry set out to become an artist.  "Well, it didn't happen that way," said Larry Elmore, "but it makes a good story. In reality, I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, Aug. 5, 1948, and grew up in Grayson County, in the midwestern part of the state. As a child, I was fascinated by old people telling ghost stories. From them, I became interested in fantasy. "You'd think that people who live nearest to nature would be least scared of it, but the opposite is true. They create mystery about it." As a teenager, Larry was into hot rods and the Beach Boys. "The rur