Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition

Official Game Adventure DLA3

Dragon's Rest
Rick Swan


Dragon's Rest is designed for Advanced  Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition.   It can be easily adapted for AD&D 1st edition or even for D&D.   Venture once more into the world of Krynn, but this time to the continent of Taladas, largely untouched by the War of the Lance.  The dragons here are Othlorx, the Uninvolved, because they remain neutral in the struggle against the evil of Takhisis and her minions.   Authored by Rick Swan it was published in 1990.
This adventure is the third of an epic trilogy, although it can be played as a stand alone adventure.  In pursuit of the dragon killers, the heroes find themselves on a demi-planar island in the Etherial Void, where a mysterious god enlists their help in his scheme to stop Erestem (Takhisis).  The heroes must jorney through space and time to recover the powerful cindergems and forge a weapon to destroy Erestem.  If the heroes fail, Erestem's evil minions will invade Taladis and who knows where their path of destruction will lead!   Dragon's Rest comes after  Dragon Dawn  and Dragon Knight.
This module is in Excellent to Mint condition still in the shrink-wrap.  The shrink-wrap is slightly torn and the module cover shows a little bit of shelf wear.
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