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Companion Game Adventure CM5

Mystery of the Snow Pearls
Anne Grey McCready

Cover of Mystery of the Snow Pearls
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This module is designed for the Dungeons & Dragons Companion Set.  Mystery of the Snow Pearls can be adapted for use with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st or 2nd Edition.  Designed to challenge a solo Companion level character.  Mystery of the Snow Pearls was published in 1985 and written by Anne Grey McCready


One of four magical, snow white pearls protecting Tarylon has been stolen! And you, a Companion level elf, are responsible for its safe keeping. Now the very existence of your beautiful village is threatened unless you can find the powerful pearl. Milgor, the evil wizard with an evil sense of fun, challenges you to find the pearl, and return it to Tarylon.

But it's not that easy.

Time is running out while you try to discover and solve the riddles of Milgor in this exciting, puzzling adventure. Time is running out for Tarylon!

This adventure uses the Magic Viewer system to reveal hidden encounters, puzzles, and traps.


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