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The Shady Dragon Inn
Carl Smith

cover AC1 The Shady Dragon Inn


The Shady Dragon Inn is a set of pregenerated characters for use with the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game. This player's aid comes in two parts: each character appears first in a section devoted to his or her character class. They appear again in the second section as members of a party. As a DM or as a player, you may use either or both sections; over a hundred characters await you!

Each character has a brief biography that will help you to create backgrounds for PCs or NPCs as needed. Also included is a rough physical description, and a list of items owned by each character.

The Shady Dragon Inn also contains the D&D game statistics for those special characters who are presented by figures in the D&D and AD&D toy line, a provides a tavern setting from which players may start adventures or gather party members.


  Copy 1

This accessory is in Poor condition.  The entire accessory has been hole punched twice,  the second time it didn't go so well.  The outside of the cover is very worn, the corners are damaged and rounded, the edges are creased and worn, the fold is fraying and beginning to split, there is a white smear on the front, and rather heavy scuffing in places.  The inside of the cover has lots of notes and marks around the margins and the entire floor plan has been colored in with colored marker.  The booklet has also been completely enjoyed.  Most of the has been colored in with markers, some of which has bled through to the other side.  The previous owner's name is written on the front in pen and there are pencil notes and smudges throughout.  It also shows heavy wear.  This great accessory is still complete and legible!

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