Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition

Dungeon Module S2

White Plume Mountain
Lawrence Schick
White Plume Mountain S2
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White Plume Mountain is designed for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition. Authored by Lawrence Schick.  It can easily be used with D&D or AD&D Second Edition.  This module will challenge characters of levels 5-10.  This is the version with the extra artwork.  And I must say the art is fantastic!  This was one of the best selling modules in TSR's history.  I think because it was full of all sorts of puzzles, traps and unusual situations.  It was always one of my favorites to DM or play through.


Keraptis.  A name lost in antiquity.  How can a long dead wizard be responsible for the disappearance of three of the most powerful weapons ever forged?  Blackrazor, Soul Draining Sword.  Wave, Trident of the Deeps.  Whelm, War Hammer of the Dwarves.  Each of these mighty weapons was stolen from the vaults of their owners.  Stolen from the Free City of Greyhawk.  The owners of these weapons searched the Free City in vain for their artifacts.  Even the sanctity of the Thieves Guild was violated!  Then each of the three received a cryptic note signed by Keraptis.  A note that will lead your party to brave the perils of White Plume Mountain. Can your characters survive?

White Plume Mountain


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