Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set Adventure

Dungeon Module B4

The Lost City
Tom Moldvay
Cover of B4 The Lost City
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The Lost City is designed for use with the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set. It can easily be adapted for use with AD&D 1st or 2nd Edition. This module will challenge characters of levels 1-3. The Lost City was Authored by Tom Moldvay and it was published in 1982. This module includes a cover folder with maps, and a descriptive booklet with a ready-made adventure for the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Basic game. It also includes enough information to continue the adventure beyond level 3, using the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Expert game rules.

Elvish-Orcish Diplomacy.
Explain to me one more time why I shouldn't eviscerate you?


Lost in the desert! Your only hope for survival lies in a ruined city rising out of the sands. Food, water, and wealth await heroic adventurers inside an ancient pyramid ruled by a strange race of masked beings. Can you survive the perils of…

The Lost City!


This copy is in Very Good condition.  The cover has moderate wear to the corners and edges, creases at the fold and scuffing.  The adventure book has heavy corner rounding, light edge wear, and a small smudge on the back.  This great module has probably never been used.

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